Lip Balm Low-Down #2

Hello everybody, I thought it was about time I did an updated Lip Balm Low-Down as I am a total lip balm addict and love testing out lots of different ones. I’ve also changed my opinion on a couple of the balms from my previous post so I  wanted to chat through those too!

Okay so first off; the NUXE reve de miel ultra-nourishing balm. This used to be an absolute favourite of mine but i’ve really gone off this recently. I think it’s because this is more of a matte balm which doesn’t feel as nice to apply. Yes it does nourish but it’s definitely not a ‘quick fix’ lip balm. I mostly use this at night just before I go to sleep which works really well.

My absolute favourite all time lip balms have to be the Nature’s Soap beeswax lip balms. These are incredible and I think I love them so much because of the lovely oils in them which hydrate and soothe straight away after applying. These are amazing under liquid lipsticks! They’re also really inexpensive so I couldn’t recommend these more highly.

I still think that Carmex are great. I have gone through several pots and tubes of this stuff and this is very readily available in the UK. Even though I hate the smell of this stuff so much I still use it because I love what it does. This tingles slightly which surely means it’s doing something, right?!


I have a love/hate relationship with the Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm. Sometimes I think this really works and other times I think it’s rubbish. It is incredibly waxy (duhh) which doesn’t feel that hydrating or long lasting. I think it does soothe though.

If you saw my recent post reviewing Mad Beauty you’ll know my thoughts on this one. I love the packaging / idea of this, it’s so cute. Perhaps not the most amazing lip balm i’ve ever tried but it does the job and if you like rose scented things you’ll love it even more.

I did a whole review post on the very well known EOS lip balms. They smell amazing and hydrate the lips well and since that post I have kept this on a shelf in my makeup ‘area’ (would anyone be interested in a post about that?) and i’ve been reaching for this quite a lot. Maybe I like it more than I think…

So there you go, a little lip balm update. It was really interesting talking to you guys in the comments of my last one of these as lip balms are so individual. I would love to know what ones you’re loving at the moment?

Jess x

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13 thoughts on “Lip Balm Low-Down #2

  1. annebrooke says:

    Love this – am a total lip balm addict too! I’m getting into pots for the bathroom and stick versions for the handbag – much easier 🙂 Have you tried Nivea Pearly Shine from Boots? A great balm with a light pink stain which is great for me! 🙂 🙂

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