What i’ve learnt in a year of blogging

Hi everyone, welcome back! Today we’re celebrating my blog’s 1st birthday, yay! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this little space of my own to share all my beauty ramblings. I’m so blessed to have such a lovely readership so I just wanted to say a big thank you to YOU reading this; whether you read every week or just clicked on my blog for the fist time… thanks!

I know this might be very cliche but I really wanted to share what i’ve learnt in a year of blogging every single week (without fail!) for a year. I hope you enjoy / can relate a little bit…


» the blogging community is very supportive

I’m not sure I would have ever continued doing my blog if it weren’t for the lovely comments and tweets I receive on a daily basis. It’s so lovely that people take the time out of their day to make yours that little bit better.

» blogging isn’t ‘easy’ 

There’s a little bit of a misconception that bloggers get a lot for a little. While this may be true for some, it’s not so easy for most of us. I started blogging as a hobby (still is) and I never even knew when I started that I could be gifted things from brands… crazy right?!

» some people get it and some just don’t (and that’s okay too)

I think the whole blogging and YouTube world is still relatively new and when you tell them you have a blog you get one of two reactions; ‘how cool!’ or ‘oh, really?’. Not everyone gets the appeal of blogging and that’s fine, and sometimes quite hilarious.

» yes, brands sending you stuff is as awesome as it sounds

I’m lucky enough to be gifted things now and again and it’s great. Whilst it’s definitely not the only reason I blog, it is a physical representation of all the hard work you put in. I also love helping brands out and will always continue to do so. I also love being able to give products I no longer need to my family and friends to make them smile too.

» the blogging scene is crowded but don’t let that stop you 

Ever since the first YouTubers and bloggers became ‘famous’ it seems like everyone and their cat has a blog or channel. This makes it increasingly more difficult to gain precious readers but it does also mean more people are reading blogs, and might find yours. Everyone starts off with 0 followers and if you let that number grow organically it’s really satisfying! I’m very nearly at 3k which is pretty crazy if you ask me.

A couple of thank you’s:

Thank you to UK Avery for supplying me with some beautiful blog logo stickers. You can design your own on their website and print them yourself if you want, it’s so easy!

Thank you to Boxcitement for supplying me with some super pretty postcards for my flatlay, i’m in love with the ice cream card!

So there you go, a few things i’ve learnt since I started my blog. I really enjoyed writing something a little different and non beauty related for once so let me know if you enjoyed reading it and maybe i’ll do more posts like this in the future!

Jess x

Instagram– ‘sunandteacups



31 thoughts on “What i’ve learnt in a year of blogging

  1. That Geeky Girlfriend says:

    Happy 1 Year! It’s definitely fun watching numbers grow. I didn’t expect to enjoy watching the cause and effect actions of different tactics for posts and sharing and how that grows audience, and I definitely didn’t expect such an amazing community in the beauty blogger world.

    I love your blog and I’ll definitely be around for your 2 year post and can’t wait to see your discoveries over the next year, and the posts in between. And that’s why you, my dear, have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Liked by 2 people

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