Why the ‘fab little bag’ is actually really fab

Hello everybody, thanks for reading! Today’s post is a little different but something we all need to talk about more. Periods! Whilst periods isn’t something i’ve ever touched on in my blog posts, it’s still a part (and very much annoying part) of my life. We all know how bloody (haha..) inconvenient they can be, so anything to make that time a little easier I am all for trying.

That’s where fab little bag comes in. Fab little bags are a convenient way of discreetly disposing of your sanitary products. Whether you’re out an about or at home these little bags are there to help make your experience less stressful.


I love that these are totally tailored to be as easy to use as possible. They have little ‘finger loops’ which mean you can open, hold and then seal the bag all in one hand. As well as being very hygienic, it also means that you are in control of where you choose to dispose of it too.


I had a chat with the inventor of fab little bag, Martha, who’s passion to care for the environment is so inspiring, and I love that this is so rooted in her product. These bags are environmentally friendly, and help to keep sanitary products out of our seas and rivers.

So, for me these have been a new discovery, but one that I am determined to use. These are very affordable with the ‘bathroom pack’ (20 bags) being just £2.99 and the ‘handbag pack’ being just £1.99 for 5, there’s really no excuse not to be using these…

Have you ever used this type of product?

Jess x

this post contains a PR sample


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