eos lip balms – worth the hype?

Hi everyone, I thought I would share my thoughts on the very hyped eos lip balms today! I’ve heard quite mixed reviews of these in the blogging scene and I feel like for a while we couldn’t get these in the UK so when I finally had the chance to try them I really wanted to see if they were as good as people say they are.

I have two different flavours, the raspberry + pomegranate and the honeysuckle. When I first opened the lip balm up I noticed that it does have quite a strong smell of whatever flavour you have. It’s definitely slightly artificial but I kind of like it. They also taste pretty strong as well, something i’m not really used to as I have only used my Nature’s Soap lip balm since I did that review post a while ago. The taste does stay on your lips for a little while which I feel is a slight love / hate situation; I don’t really mind it that much but I know it wouldn’t be for everyone.


So the most important bit is obviously the formula; and lip balms can vary so much. This I find hard to describe, it is smooth to apply and unlike other balms such as Carmex, but you can only apply quite thin layers as it is packaged in this dome shape which doesn’t really allow you to apply that much product. It does soothe the lips and keep them hydrated so for me this would be a ‘top up’ that would need reapplying quite often.

I was shocked when I looked up the price of these as they are £6-50 in the UK but only $3-29 in the US so there is a massive price difference. I would say I probably wouldn’t get these again as I feel you can get better lip balms for less money. If you want to see my recommendations keep a look out for a post coming in a couple of weeks which is my updated lip balm low down (find the first one here). If I lived in the US I probably would be tempted to try out the other flavours though..

Have you tried these? What do you think?

Jess x


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