Korean Beauty ~ First Impressions

Hello everyone! Today’s post is super exciting and something totally new to me. I had the opportunity to test out lots of Korean beauty and makeup from the website Glamour Flare and I thought I would share my thoughts on what i’ve tried. I feel like Asian beauty has made it’s way into Western beauty much more in the past few years, and it’s something i’m definitely interested in. They have impeccable skincare routines and generally from what i’ve learnt it is very important to them; so surely their skincare products should be amazing too…


I came across the brand COSRYX on the Glamour Flare website and it seems to be quite well known. I tried a few things from them including the honey ceramide eye cream and the rice overnight spa mask. I think the honey eye cream is absolutely outstanding and I have been using it twice daily (after morning and evening cleanses). This has ceramide in which is known to plump and retain moisture in the skin. At £16 this isn’t the cheapest eye cream ever but I think it’s totally worth it; I can see the benefits already as waking up at 5AM to let my puppy out starts to show after a while!

In terms of skincare another product I tried which was new to me was the O’SUM aloe vera soothing mist. This is a very fine mist which is used to add extra hydration throughout the day which is perfect for me. I apply this just before I put on makeup and I find it helps to make my foundation look natural and not cakey. I’ve also tried this after applying makeup (risky move, I know) and it’s great! I was worried it might ruin my foundation but it is such a fine spray that it dries very quickly. I would probably use this to perfect my base makeup after it’s looking not its best and then blending everything in with my Real Techniques sponge.


Touch In Sol is another brand that has recently made it’s way onto the blogging scene. I tried a selection of products, one of which was their advanced real moisture foundation. As a dry skinned girl (are you tired of me saying that yet? haha) this sounded really appealing to me. On Glamour Flare there are only two shades available though. Luckily the lighter one ‘nude beige’ is almost a perfect match for me. They have quite yellow undertones which is a real plus for me. When I first applied this I knew straight away this was a lot more coverage than i’m used to, and it took me a few uses to decide whether I like it. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not super heavy, I just haven’t used anything more than my L’Oreal nude cushion in ages! The Verdict? I like this. My preferred method is applying with a stippling foundation brush and then blending out with a makeup sponge. This is also drugstore price, how can you go wrong!

Another product I loved from Touch In Sol was their brow expert bar which is such a genius idea. It’s supposed to be an ‘all in one’ type of idea, as it comes with an angled pencil to shape and fill and when you twist off the bottom you find a little clear brow mascara too! This pencil is very waxy and I would compare it to the Benefit goof proof pencil.

Lastly I also tried the Touch In Sol HD lip lacquers which are so pretty and smell really good. I would describe them more of a gloss than a lacquer, and I find look pretty on their own for more of a stain and also look amazing on top of lipsticks as they add lots of shine. My favourite shade is ‘baby rose’ which is a pretty pink.

I’m so happy I tried out Korean makeup, and there’s lots of other things I want to try too seeing as I have had such good results with these products!

Have you tried Korean makeup?

Jess x

this post contains PR samples


19 thoughts on “Korean Beauty ~ First Impressions

  1. Liv says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Korean beauty products for a while. Thanks for narrowing it down as to what I should start with; the foundation from Touch In Sol sounds great!

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  2. skintuitionbeautyblog says:

    I’ve been into Asian beauty for a little over a year now and have to say CosRX has become one of my favorite brands! That rice mask is a total holy grail for dry skin 😊 for anyone reading this comment who is curious about Korean skincare, it seriously works!

    Liked by 1 person

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