MAD beauty

Hi everybody, today i’m going to be reviewing some really cute beauty products I was sent from MAD beauty. I really wanted to show this brand on my blog as I think they create products that are so fun and unique looking, and most of all beautiful! I especially love this vintage inspired Kelloggs packaging on some of their products.


I tried out 3 items: a lip balm (you know i’m partial to a lip balm!), some bath milk and a hand cream. First of all the hand cream and bath milk smell incredible. The scent is ‘tuberose and jasmine’ and it’s very fresh and clean with a hit of floral but it’s not really overpowering. I’ve never heard of tuberose before and apparently it’s some kind of flower, but anyway it smells really good.

The lip balm is in a little tin which is housed in this cute outer box which slides out to reveal the product. I love this attention to detail, and you can also just keep the tin inside if you wanted it to be less bulky. This smells like English rose, and i’ve got to admit that i’m not the greatest fan of rose scented things; I feel like it’s very love/ hate but I don’t actually mind this too much. I was expecting this to be slightly pink, as usually rose scented balms are pinky to match the scent. This is a completely clear balm which has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages; you can apply as much as you want without having to worry about how it looks. The disadvantage is that at £4.99, you can buy very good plain lip balms which have the sole purpose of soothing the lips, whereas this feels slightly like it’s main purpose is to look pretty, and second of all to help moisturise the lips. That said, it does work so it’s up to you whether you want a bog standard balm that does the job or a prettier scented balm for your insta photos…


The hand cream is definitely worth a look, as along with the bath milk, would make a beautiful gift for someone (or for yourself!). I love the hand cream as it is perfect handbag size.

So, yes I do really like what i’ve tried from MAD beauty. I think their main selling point is definitely their novelty packaging, but how is that a bad thing? I’m all for cute looking products…

Have you tried this brand?

Jess x



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