Bridesmaids makeup 

Hello everybody, today’s post is a very special post, all about the makeup I wore to my beautiful cousin’s wedding! I was one of 2 bridesmaids so for me it was so important to get the makeup exactly right for her big day.

I tried to choose products I knew I loved, and have been using for a while to avoid any makeup disasters. I also did a couple of practice makeup looks a few days before to make sure I knew roughly what the finished result would be like to make it easier when it actually came to applying it. It also meant I knew exactly what to pack with me in my (very large) makeup bag!

004 (2)

For the base I chose to use 2 of my fave foundations of all time. They are both pretty natural and glowy. I’ve always preferred more natural bases and using a bit of concealer on top to cover any redness on my cheeks and jawline so that’s exactly what I did! I’m so happy with my choice and it lasted pretty well considering I didn’t use a primer.

I knew I wanted something pretty and not too OTT  for the eyes and I think I found the perfect palette for that: the Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadows. There’s a lovely mix of warm tones in this palette and also a mix of shimmer and matte which is perfect for what I wanted. It also has a matte white which is very handy and a matte black (love that for setting liquid liner so it lasts all day).

I was really impressed with the NYX studio HD finishing powder also which is an ultra fine translucent powder. This set my concealer into place and I never felt overly oily. Such a bargain! Although it looks white it is totally translucent meaning it’s great for all skin shades.

Lipstick: the ultimate decision. I took many options just to be on the safe side but I ended up choosing MAC fanfare which is a pretty pink and suited my dress really well. It had really good lasting power too so I was pleased! I did think about using my NYX lip suede but that might be a bit of a biatch to re apply… Especially as I ate profiteroles… And cake… So. Much. Cake.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I had the best time deciding what makeup to take and planning my look: do you do this too?

Jess x


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