Cuppa Joe coffee scrub

Hello everybody, today’s post is all about an amazing discovery i’ve made in the past couple of weeks! It’s official; I’ve fallen in love with coffee scrubs. I’ve always been super lazy when it comes to exfoliating, it’s so much effort and I don’t feel like a lot of the ones I was using were doing that much anyway, but i’ve now found a new type of exfoliator that makes me want to use it every single day…


Cuppa Joe sent me over one of their scrubs and I was definitely slightly skeptical, as the idea of a coffee scrub sounds slightly like a gimmick, but I am completely converted. After one use my skin felt smoother, softer and also hydrated which I don’t expect from this type of product. This scrub has almond oil which I think is the main ingredient that made this scrub so unique.

I  actually quite like the application process with this; you get in the shower, wet your skin and then turn off the shower and massage this onto any areas you want to remove dead skin from. I focus on my arms, legs (knees especially), stomach and my face. I’m not sure if you’re meant to use this on the face but it’s not irritating my skin so it’s fine for me and just makes my skin really soft. Yes, the coffee granules do completely cover your shower which it’s slightly scary, but as soon as you turn the shower back on it all washes away so don’t worry!

The coffee granules are the exfoliant, and they are very gritty meaning it’s very effective at removing dry skin. I’ve found with other types of scrubs like sugar scrubs that on contact with wet skin the sugar just dissolves which defeats the purpose in the first place! I found this with the Zoella beauty tutti fruitti scrub, it only worked on dry skin which isn’t ideal!

So, i’m loving this. I’m using it almost daily at the moment and i’m seeing great results. If you fancy trying a new scrub check this out!

Jess x

Instagram– ‘sunandteacups


13 thoughts on “Cuppa Joe coffee scrub

  1. lifeaslois says:

    I’ve always been rather sceptical on purchasing coffee scrubs because I don’t really drink coffee so I’ve thought why would I apply it to my skin? But I definitely want to look more into them after reading this! Seems like it’s something I’d be interested in xo

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  2. Abigail says:

    I think I would be sceptical about using them too! I’m not sure if it would be my kind of thing but they do sound quite intriguing

    Abbie |

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