Benefit’s new brow launch

Hello everybody, i’ve got a super exciting post today, i’m going to chat about Benefit’s massive new brow products launch! If you haven’t heard about this already where have you been?!? It’s been incredibly hyped up and I gave in and bought a few bits to try (well I bought some magazines with freebies in, does that count?…)


Firstly, this packaging is beautiful. I feel like Benefit are quite well known for their slightly OTT packaging but I kind of love it, especially this cute, slightly retro design they’ve gone for.

Goof Proof brow pencil 

This has got mixed reviews in the blogging world, and I really wanted to try this over any of the other products in the range as it claims to be ‘goof proof’, basically meaning anyone can do their eyebrows with this. I do find this really easy to use, and it has a slanted nib (which self sharpens, such a bonus) so you can fill in the front part of your brow using the nib as a guide. Not sure if this is a completely new concept, but it’s certainly a good one. I did annoyingly though pick up the wrong shade, there was 2 to choose from and it wasn’t very easy to tell which was which. I can just about pull this off though if i’m only doing a gentle filling in, so i’m not too bothered. I would say this is worth the hefty £18-50 price tag if you can justify that on a brow pencil!


Ready, Set, Brow!

Now this one I have a slight problem with. There’s nothing wrong with the actual product, after all it does it’s job and sets your eyebrows in place for the day. I just think this is SO overpriced (£18-50) for what it is. There are loads of great products that help set brows, but by far my favourite is using the Miss Sporty clear mascara, it’s amazing! That is £2.99. Enough said really!


Gimme Brow

If you’re looking for the product that Goof Proof and Ready, Set, Brow! would have if they had a baby, look no further. Now this is how you do eyebrow gels! I, again, picked this up in the wrong shade and it’s waaay too light for me but the concept remains the same. This is a tinted gel that is volumising, and this looks great worn alone but also on top of powder or pencil. I also found that this made any other product I was wearing on my brows last that little bit longer, which is great.

So overall from what i’ve tried this is a mixture of hits and a miss. I liked all the products but I don’t think all of them are quite worth their price tag. Benefit is one of my favourite high end brands and maybe I’ll have to have a little look at the full range and see if any of them takes my fancy!

Have you tried any of this range yet?

Jess x

Instagram– ‘sunandteacups


27 thoughts on “Benefit’s new brow launch

  1. emmzieeee says:

    As much as I love benefit products, I feel this range looks really cheap! Which is such a shame for a premium brand like benefit. Do you think the same or am I being too harsh?

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  2. rania noor says:

    Do you think they are worth the hype? Everyone thinks they are great but would you really spend that much money on this when you can get the exact same thing for cheaper from the drugstore. Also this is a great review!
    mind checking out my blog? it’s
    p.s if you follow me I’ll follow you right backk

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  3. Jo Chern says:

    Finally, a post a US follower can really comment on! I’ve tried Gimme Brow and while I do like it, I find MAC Big Brow gives me better volume. But I do need to follow that with a setting gel so still not ideal. I should try using the gimme brow over it as you suggested. Great idea!

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  4. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I went to th launch event for this in Milton Keynes at Benefit, I love the whole collection but I definitely think for me personally the gimme brow worked best for me!

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