CoLab’s new active dry shampoo

Hello everybody, i’ve got an exciting launch to share with you today: CoLab’s new ‘active’ dry shampoo. I did a blog post a while ago where I said that CoLab is the only brand I will ever use for dry shampoo as in my opinion it’s the best; it’s so affordable, smells amazing and does it’s job. I was so excited to get my hands on this launch as I knew it would be great, and it is!


I think CoLab have released this at the perfect time, just in the run up to summer when the weather is getting hotter (we hope!) and that’s what this product is perfect for. Okay, i’ve got to admit that I don’t exactly embody an ‘active’ lifestyle, you’re much more likely to see me watching re-runs of ‘Friends’ than actually running anywhere, but this is still a great product for me and probably you too. This is basically just a very heavy duty version of the original dry shampoo which boasts a number of benefits including sun and city pollution protection so it’s perfect for just every day use.

This smells lovely as well, quite perfumed but I personally like the smell and it does make your hair smell good throughout the day which is a nice added bonus. So far there’s only one scent and not a range like the original line where you can choose your favourite. I think scent is very individual so maybe they’ll bring out other scents of this, who knows!

I think this will prove very popular and if you need a new dry shampoo or fancy trying one for the first time check this out! It’s got the same sheer-invisible formula that sets it apart from other affordable hair care brands as well. I can tell i’m going to use this a lot…

Jess x

*this post contains a PR sample


12 thoughts on “CoLab’s new active dry shampoo

  1. annebrooke says:

    This sounds great, especially as I tend to use a lot of dry shampoo when I’m ill – at the moment I have Batiste (sp??) but this one sounds as if it could really cheer me up, thank you! πŸ™‚

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