Benecos Beauty: Reviewed

Hello everybody, this post is a review of a new beauty brand, that I had never heard of until recently; Benecos cosmetics. This is the third and last installment of my ‘organic’ series, I hope you have enjoyed it! It’s been great to discover some new brands and products.


Benecos kindly sent me a few products to try out, and i’m so impressed! My standout product from the three is by far the ‘beautiful eyes’ natural eyeshadow palette, which contains four neutral, pigmented shades that are perfect for every day. I’ve worn this so much recently, pretty much every day since I got it as you can create some very pretty looks with this. I love the burnt orange shade all over the lid with some of the dark taupe in the crease and underneath the eye. I also love how there is a matte cream shade as it’s great for setting any concealer on the eyelids and I love just applying this shade before some black winged liner; so classic and pretty! I genuinely think this is my perfect eyeshadow quad, and at £6.95 it’s the same price you would pay in Boots and Superdrug.



I also picked the natural highlighting powder, as I am slowly becoming obsessed with highlighters. I love this for a slightly more subtle look, but it still does have enough sheen and glow to show up on the skin and be noticeable. It’s definitely not a ‘wow’ highlight that you can see from outer space but you don’t always want to be OTT with the shimmer! And how pretty is the packaging of this? It’s so sturdy and the embossed flower design makes it extra special.


Their natural lipsticks are also beautiful… I genuinely love all these products! It’s very hydrating and has a slight lustre which light reflects, making your teeth look whiter. If you’re into trying some organic makeup maybe give this brand a go. I’m definitely wanting to move towards more organic beauty and this for me is the right combination of affordability and quality; it’s a thumbs up from me!

Jess x

Instagram– ‘sunandteacups



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