Favourite lip products

Hello everybody, I thought I would do a follow up from a post I did a couple of weeks about about disappointing lip products and talk about the lip products i’m absolutely loving at the moment! I find i’m pretty loyal to a certain product if I like it, even though I have so many lipsticks I probably should try and use them all! That reminds me, would anyone be interested in an updated lip product collection? You can find my original one here! Now onto my faves…

0011. Bourjois rouge edition velvet in Nude-ist

I lurrrve this. If you ever get the chance to look at my face (don’t get your hopes up i’m not that exciting) i’m probably going to be wearing this. This is a matte liquid lipstick that isn’t actually liquid at all… it’s more like a mousse and it’s pretty much weightless on the lips. I, like most people, have a love-hate thing going on with liquid  lipsticks but this for me is the perfect in between. I also think the lasting power of this is better than any other lip product i’ve ever tried, and it doesn’t rub off in a horrible way either. I’ve got about 2 uses left of this and I don’t have a replacement… help!!

2. Kiko smart lipstick in 911

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I love this. I had forgotten this existed until I found it in one of my pencil cases… why?? It’s basically a lip balm/lipstick hybrid and if you have dry lips this is amazing. It’s very sheer but the colour can be built up to a pretty deep pink. Obviously the lasting power isn’t great but i really don’t mind as it’s such an easy product that would probably go with most makeup looks as well.


3. Joan Collins divine lips in Suzy Starr

This lipstick is beautiful, i’ve been obsessed with it ever since I received it. This shade is really hard to describe, its a pinky coral verging on orange… if that’s any help at all! I’ll include swatches at the end of the post. I’m loving using the tiniest amount of this blotted into the lips for a subtle hint of colour. The lasting power is great; I can tell this is going to be a product i’m going to reach for a lot in the summer!

4. NYX liquid suede in Soft-Spoken

Yep, I gave in to the NYX hype and bought a few things. I love this, it’s a lot less bright than my Bourjois one. I do have to make sure I have moisturised lips before applying this but I do love this, I think it looks really sophisticated, no idea why! When I was in Boots buying this I was at the NYX counter when a swarm of young girls circled around these and were so excited, I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, one of them mentioned that this shade was a dupe for Kat Von D ‘Lolita’  so I had to pick it up.


5. Rimmel moisture renew in 180 ‘Vintage Pink’

For me this is an oldie-but a goodie if you know what I mean. You can probably see in the flatlay I only have a tiny bit left but i’m hoping they still sell this as I bought this a while ago and I know Rimmel have been changing some of their lipsticks and have a new range out if I remember correctly. This is a mauve, verging on purple but it’s so hydrating and the colour is so unique I love it. If you can still pick this formula up I highly recommend them!

So those are the lip products i’m loving at the moment, what are you loving?

Jess x

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28 thoughts on “Favourite lip products

  1. StephsWorld says:

    I love the Bourjois rouge edition velvet’s too. The feel on the lips is lovely and stay for such a long time. Need to check out the rest you recommend too.

    Steph xx

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  2. Lily Olivia says:

    I’ve just ordered some of the NYX matte liquid lipsticks and I’m so unbelievably excited to try them! I’ve known about the brand for absolutely ages and when I heard it was coming to the UK I couldn’t believe it. However I’ve only just gotten around to trying some bits and pieces and can’t wait to review them on the blog ❤


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