Nature’s Soap- the skincare brand you’ll want to try

Hello everybody, to carry on with my ‘organic’ theme I’ve got going on at the moment this post is all about a new body and skincare range that I have fallen in love with called Nature’s Soap. They do all handmade products and I believe it is a family business, something I am all for supporting. I think sometimes us beauty lovers get caught up in the pretty counters we see in boots and the commercial products that are hyped up and sometimes (very pricey) we forget there’s actually alternatives out there.

I was kindly sent a beautiful gift set, in which there are lots of amazing products. I think the personal touches to this package really make it very special, and I think that this would make a beautiful present for a friend or family member, something I might be doing in the future!



One of the standout products from Nature’s Soap for me is their lip balms. I have been especially loving the  beeswax lip balm stick with lemon. It hasn’t left my side since I opened this gift set! If you like Burts Bees, I strongly suggest you try these as I think they’re even better. They feel very nourishing as they have almond oil and coconut oil in and your lips stay hydrated all day. I struggle to fall in love with lip balms but these are actually incredible. I do prefer the sticks to the pots as the sticks are easier and slightly less messy, but they do come in pot form too.


Another favourite from this set is the pink grapefruit body butter. Grapefruit is one of my all time favourite scents and this is a winner for me! This has essential oils in that hydrate the skin and help to get rid of any dry, flaky skin.


There’s also some beautiful soaps in this package that me and my mum have been using (and loving).


These goats milk soaps are absolutely beautiful and my guest tester (my mum) said they left her skin feeling soft, and more importantly not feeling dry. Some commercial soaps can really dry out my already dry skin but these are great. They’re definitely more of a ‘treat’ as they are slightly more expensive but these would make a lovely gift, as well as maybe a gift just for yourself…!

They also do some lovely bath products such as bath salts, truffles and melts which all smell absolutely divine.


So, overall i’m very impressed with this brand, and I urge you to give it a go if you’re in need of a new skincare bits, or if you need a gift for a friend!

I hope you enjoyed this post

Jess x


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