epiSpa organic cleanser- reviewed

Hello again! This week i’m reviewing the epiSpa organic illuminating hot cloth cleanser, so if you’re in need of a new cleanser of just fancy pampering your skin I think you’ll love this!  epiSpa is a skincare brand that have created some amazing products that are packed full of nutrients to help keep your skin looking glowing and healthy (sounds pretty good to me). It’s also all organic which is great news for me as recently i’ve been so much more conscious about using products that are great for the environment as well as my skin.


The cleanser comes in this beautiful baby pink packaging with silver font, it’s so pretty and very sophisticated looking. Inside it also comes with a muslin cloth; perfect for newbies who don’t already own one, or people like me who have a few but hate washing them…oops.

002In terms of ingredients i’m quite impressed with all the great stuff this has in it. The most exciting ingredient in this for me is manuka honey. Manuka is known to have many benefits for the skin, including helping skin regeneration  and it also aids the skin in retaining moisture, which makes the skin more glowy.

This cleanser is a thick cream, as opposed to an oil or milk type of consistency. It is very smooth to apply, and this type of formula is definitely my favourite for this type of cleansing as you really feel clean after using, and there’s no residue left behind after you wash it off like some of my oil cleansers do. This is great for anyone who has dry skin, but the manuka honey in it means it would probably work well on oilier skins too. This product is quite heavily scented, slightly herbal but smell incredible like a spa. If you have super sensitive skin which reacts to scent just make sure the ingredients won’t irritate you, but it’s fine for me and I have quite sensitive skin.


Overall, i’m really enjoying this product. I have used this every day for about 2 weeks and i’m going to continue to use this as I feel it’s been really beneficial for my skin!

The lovely people at epiSpa have given me my own discount code to share with you guys so you can get 10% off your order when you buy from epispa.co.uk.

If you want to check out the manuka skincare range you can here and if you want to check out this cleanser you can here.

So that’s it! My review of this amazing epiSpa cleanser. What cleansers are you loving at the moment?

Jess x

*this post contains press samples but all opinions are my own of course!


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