Spectrum Brushes: reviewed

Hello everybody, this week I’ve got a review of Spectrum brushes. I’d never even heard of Spectrum as a brand until I saw they came out with some new marble brushes which loads of bloggers were tweeting about. They’re beautiful if you haven’t already seen them! I was very lucky and had the opportunity to try some brushes out and I thought I would give you my thoughts!


Personally for makeup brushes I’ve always stuck to Real Techniques, they’re pretty reliable, easy to get and not too expensive. But I’ve always been open to trying new brands and expanding my collection and to be totally honest I think these brushes could rival my old favourites! I have a selection of some of the most popular brushes from Spectrum and I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks now so I’ve definitely got some favourites.

One of my stand-out brushes was the B02, a small round buffing brush which I use for foundation and sometimes concealer. I’ve never actually owned a brush like this so it was quite exciting to try something different. It’s very dense so you can get a pretty flawless finish as the makeup becomes part of your skin and doesn’t sit on top like it does with the traditional foundation brushes. Before I was using the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, something that I still love and use every single day, but now instead of applying my foundation with it i finish off my foundation by tapping it over my skin.

I’ve been using the A01 brush for bronzer and it’s lovely and big but isn’t round; it’s oval shaped so you have a bit more control, otherwise you can end up looking a bit like you’re going on a night out with the lads… not quite my style haha! I’ve been using this brush with my Rosie for Autograph bronzer from my previous post and the combination is dreamy.

Lastly i’m also loving the two eyeshadow brushes which are C05 and A08. The Co5 is a big fluffy blending brush which is great for when you’ve gone a bit overboard with eyeshadow and the A08 is perfect for applying eyeshadow as it’s flat so you can pack it on really easily.


Another product I tried from Spectrum was their ‘brush clam’. This little beauty helps you clean your brushes, and stops you getting numb hands whilst washing your brushes! I’ve always quite enjoyed doing this chore, but this has made my life so much easier. At first I thought it might me more of a gimmick but it’s actually been so useful for me. This is under £10 so if you’re looking for a good brush cleaning tool this is a slightly cheaper alternative to the RT one as well!

So that’s my review of Spectrum brushes and brush clam! Have you ever tried anything from this brand?

Jess x

*this post contains press samples but all opinions are my own of course!

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13 thoughts on “Spectrum Brushes: reviewed

  1. Instaura Beauty says:

    These look great! I usually only use Real Technique brushes but these definitely seem worth it! Brilliant review

    Be sure to check out my blog: instaurabeauty.blogspot.co.uk


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