Rosie HW for M&S – the follow up

Hey guys, this week I wanted to do a follow up on my review of the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup. I reviewed the contour stick from the range a few weeks ago (which i’m still obsessed with by the way). I was kindly sent a few of the products to try out and I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you them!


The packaging of these products really reminds me of a more affordable Charlotte Tilbury. The rose-gold is totally what i’m into but the only problem is its so easy to get your fingerprints all over it! The products in the photos are all artfully placed to hide this…

I think the standout product from the range for me was the blush in ‘camisole’. It’s the most beautiful everyday colour which isn’t too pink. It’s very warm toned and has more of a terracotta feel to it which seems to suit everyone. I had two of these and I gave the other one to my mum, who it suits so well. I have very pink cheeks anyway and avoid blush at all costs normally for fear of looking like I’ve just spent all day at the gym (which FYI is my worst nightmare).


Another product which i’ve been loving is the bronzer in ‘bronzed beauty’. It gives such a healthy glow which I’m definitely leaning more towards as it gets warmer. To be honest anything that will make me a bronzed beauty i’m all for trying!

I’m also loving the eyeshadows from this range. They’re very soft and pigmented which makes it really easy to apply them. There’s also a mixture of matte and shimmer which I like as I don’t always want to have glittery eyes. My favourite palette is ‘deco diamonds’ which has a matte taupe colour, a light shimmer and two grey tones… so pretty!


Lastly I tried a couple of the lip glossies. These were a mixed bag for me; the neutral shade I tried called ‘my best girl friend’ didn’t really do a whole lot for me but the red shade is really pretty called ‘lights, camera, action’. I will have to be careful with the whole lipstick-on-teeth situation though as I tend to go for matte colours when they’re bright for that reason!

So, to sum up i’m still pretty obsessed with this range. The value for money is really good as the products feel like high-end to me!

Have you tried out this range yet?

Jess x

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Instagram – sunandteacups



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