Barry M’s new Coconut Infusion range

Hello everyone, this week I have a review of Barry M’s new range of nail polishes. These were particularly interesting to me as they’re called ‘coconut infusion’ and are infused with both coconut water and coconut oil. Coconut oil is something that’s becoming increasingly popular in beauty products as i’m personally all for it. It’s got so many uses and has so many health benefits, including strengthening and repairing the nails!


I’ve loved Barry M nail polishes forever. I feel like they’re the brand I always gravitate towards when I go into Superdrug or wherever. They’re also really affordable; something I look for as I have so many polishes there’s no way I could justify spending loads on every single one I buy!

So how good were they? Answer: amazing! *Looks at my pretty pink nails whilst typing this* The first thing I noticed about these were that they were incredibly shiny. They almost look like gel nails! I painted my nails on Wednesday, then did 2 straight days of art exams and my nails are still going strong and that’s without a topcoat. I’ve got minimal chipping which I would expect and I think they would still be perfect if I had applied a topcoat. I’m seriously impressed with these and i’m eyeing up the mauve- lilac colour because that looks beautiful!


There’s nine shades in the range which vary from bright summery shades to more muted colours and also some neutral nudey shades which I am loving. I think they will be the shades that make you look really tanned like a beach babe.. what’s not to love?!

Have you tried these out yet?

Jess x

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