Rosie for Autograph makeup – My thoughts

Hello everybody, this week I’ve got a review of the range that Rosie Huntington-Whitely did with Autograph makeup for M&S. If you’re not from the UK, M&S is sort of a department store in which the beautiful model Rosie HW is a spokesperson for, and now she’s brought out her own makeup! I really wanted to try this ever since is saw this video with Lisa Eldridge in which they use the makeup and talk through the products. As Rosie is such a makeup fan herself, I knew the products would be great.

I purchased the contour stick, something I’ve never tried before as I thought I would give it a go. A while ago I mentioned in a post that I would never do a post on contouring… I may have been converted! PicMonkey Collage.png

The contour colour isn’t too dark and it’s that perfect in-between shade when you could use it to shape the face or use it as a glowy bronzer! I’ve tried both and I love the effect. I think glowy definitely describes this product, it’s not matte and harsh on the skin, it just leaves a hint of colour on the cheeks – so pretty! I’ll never be one for heavy contouring but this is a winner for me!

The way I apply this is by swiping it into the hollows of my cheeks and onto my forehead and then grabbing a brush (I don’t think it really matters what kind) and blending it in. I always make sure to blend the products upwards on my cheeks otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose.


I was surprised to see so many products in her makeup line. There are the basics but also some more interesting things such as her highlighting powder and also her radiance cream looks amazing.

PicMonkey Collage 1

I was tempted to get an eyeshadow quad as they’re very pretty with a good colour payoff but for me it was just slightly too expensive- there are so many good more affordable eyeshadows that I couldn’t justify spending £18 on four eyeshadows at the moment. Although the contour stick was £15 pounds I was happy to get that as it’s something that I don’t already own and from seeing people use it I knew it was good!

So overall I really like the products I tested out! I would like to try more in the future though so stay tuned…

Have you tried any of this makeup line yet?

Jess x

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