When your makeup has expired

Hello everybody, this week’s post is slightly different;  I thought I would do a post on makeup expiry dates as after talking to a few people about this it seems that most people are unaware of when makeup has expired or even that it expires at all! If you’re curious about this or just fancy a recap than look no further.. here’s your crash course in when to say goodbye to your favourite makeup products!

makeup expiry dates picture

Please take note that this is a rough guide and will differ for the individual makeup product. Keep a look out for changes in smell and consistency too as they’re often great indicators as to when you’re makeup product has gone bad. 

⇒ FOUNDATION + CONCEALER – 6 months to 1 year

To help keep your foundation for longer make sure to apply to the face from the back of a clean hand instead of pouring straight onto the fingers and then onto the face. The aim is to keep any fingers away from the inside of the bottle to keep away the germs!

LIPSTICK – 2 years

LIP PENCILS – 2 years

LIP GLOSS – 1 year

Liquid lip products such as glosses tend to have a shorter shelf life than lipsticks so if they start to separate it’s time to toss ’em.

MASCARA – 3 months

Yep, I see you cringe as you remember that you’ve been using the same mascara for at least 6 months. It’s okay we all do it but you really should chuck it away. You need to be careful with anything that’s being applied to the eye area as it’s really sensitive and the products can be easily contaminated, especially mascara.

POWDER PRODUCTS – 2 to 3 years

This includes all powder products such as powder foundations and eyeshadows. Powders usually last quite a long time but to get the most out of them make sure to keep your brushes clean.


Pencils generally last quite well but be careful of eye pencils especially if you line your water line with them!

NAIL POLISH – 1 to 2 years

I’ve definitely got a few nail polishes hanging around in my collection that are probably turning into fossils by now. Hasn’t everyone got one of two of those polishes you used to get free with teen magazines that you would use when your friends came round for sleepovers? The memories! Please tell me i’m not alone in this…

One other really important tip I have for you is to check the packaging! Whilst it’s not law to have expiration dates on makeup like it is for food, some companies are really helpful and put when you should use the product by on the label! They usually look like this.


Hopefully this post will be helpful to some of you and if you have any tips for making your makeup last longer or any other comments leave them below! I love reading your comments. Also, if you haven’t followed my blog please do for new posts every Sunday!

Jess x

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