Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Hi everyone, you’ve probably guessed from the title what this post is going to be about! I’ve been obsessed with blogs and YouTube channels for years now and over that time there’s always products people are recommending and sometimes you just have to try it for yourself! I’m definitely not one to go and buy everything that a YouTuber talks about but now and again you hear about products over and over again so they must be good!


>>>Miss Sporty clear mascara

This purchase was totally enabled by Sprinkleofglitter: I love her YouTube channel and saw this in one of her get ready with me videos. She used it as a brow gel which I had never seen before but it was really interesting to me as brow gels are so expensive for what they are and I still haven’t found one that is really good. This is very affordable; much cheaper than any brow gels and it actually works better. I won’t be swapping this any time soon!

>>>Kiko masterpiece bronzer

I picked up this limited edition bronzer when I was in a Kiko store on Lily Pebbles‘ recommendation. She’s talked about it before and since we have very similar skin tones I knew it would suit me! I’m sad this was limited edition as it was something a little different as  you don’t usually see tri-coloured bronzers like this where you can pick out the individual colours if you want to as well. This is also very natural so would be great for bronzer newbies or people who are very fair!

>>>Maybelline lash sensational mascara

This one is totally down to Zoella. Not so much her talking about it, more seeing her wearing it in a video and thinking ‘damn her lashes look amazing’. While some people are comparing it to the Benefit roller lash mascara, I like it in it’s own right. After all not all affordable products are trying to be cheap alternatives to high end products! I will be sticking with this mascara now as it’s so good and really is ‘lash multiplying’ as the name suggests.


>>>Clarins instant light natural lip perfector

This is seriously one of my favourite products for a natural makeup look. If you’ve got chapped lips pop a bit of this on and you guessed it… perfect lips again! For me it’s worth the slight splurge and i’m now lusting after the new berry shade they’ve just brought out! I first heard about these from viviannadoesmakeup as she swears by them and I don’t regret it at all! *cringes slightly that I paid £18 pounds for a lip gloss* No seriously though they’re my fave.

>>>NailsInc gel effect nail polish

Now this purchase wasn’t enabled by any one blogger but more the blogging community in general. I have heard so many good things about these nail polishes over the past few months but most recently seeing TalkBeckyTalk show it in her most recent video. The formula of these nail polishes are something I’ve never experienced before; my nails chip within the first day usually because i’m super lazy and don’t do a base coat but these just hang around for about 5 days which is amazing for me!

>>>Mac ‘syrup’ lipstick

Okay this was totally down to Lily Pebbles too. This is ‘her’ lipstick. When I came across a Mac counter I was so overwhelmed by all the shades that as soon as I saw ‘syrup’ on the label I picked it up and bought it… and I love it! Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a shade (or more!) when there’s so many in front of you so it’s always fail-safe to go with one that lots of people have talked about. This one is a lustre though so if that’s not your thing then probably best to leave that one and choose a finish you know you like.

So those were a few of my blogger-enabled purchases I’ve made recently. What have you bought that was inspired by the bloggers you read? I’d love to know as always!

Jess x

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