The best dry shampoo ever?

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I talked about hair so this post is dedicated to everyone who finds hair washing THE WORST THING. I’m being serious I don’t understand how people can just wash their hair every day and let it dry naturally and it looks perfect. Since I have the thickest hair known to mankind if I did that I would get stares on the street. That’s all i’m saying.

So because of this dry shampoo has become my best friend. The ‘spray and go’ idea really appeals to me and I think in the past couple of years it’s become more and more popular. So what’s my favourite one? I’ve tried a few different ones in my time but my stand out one is definitely Ruth Crilly‘s CoLab dry shampoo. She is also a blogger/youtuber and model so I trusted her to create a product that would be good quality and most importantly do the job! 190

This dry shampoo is completely invisible, meaning you don’t need to have a mirror handy and can spray this on easily and not be left like you’re aging prematurely… Although Batiste is the household name for dry shampoo I find that there’s better ones on the market now! As I have dark hair I can’t really get away with big white patches on my roots but if you have light hair that’s probably not so much of a problem.

There are around 6 different scents and my favourite is the scent Rio. It’s the tropical one and smells kind of fruity and also lasts on the hair for ages! They also do an extreme volume version which I am yet to try but sounds amazing! The real selling point for me is the price: £3-49 for a large bottle is great value for money and if you live in the UK [not sure about other places] it’s easily available from Superdrug.

Do you use dry shampoo? I’d love to hear what you’re using at the moment!

Jess x


19 thoughts on “The best dry shampoo ever?

  1. Basic Structures - Shania says:

    I’m a big big dry shampoo fan as I hate the feel of washing my hair everyday as I like to keep as many natural oils in as possible. I take it everywhere with me yet I haven’t came across this brand before so I can’t wait to put it down on the shopping list tomorrow! Brilliant blog post, thanks for sharing!x

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