Revlon Colorstay Foundation: Hit or Miss

easter-card-bunting-high-res-c2a322Hi guys, I thought I would do a review of the Revlon Colorstay foundation this week as I bought it recently and have been testing it out! As a self -confessed makeup addict, I’m always looking for new products to try and see if they work for me. I feel like Revlon Colorstay has been around for years but i’d never tried it as i’m slightly cautious about buying drugstore foundations… The endless struggles of “does this match my face” whilst getting confused about which ones are testers and argh i’m swatching the same colour AGAIN why don’t people but them back in the right section and the best of all finding the one that matches you and finding they don’t have it in stock.  I hope this isn’t just me! Anyway I picked this up to try and I have some thoughts.


→This gives a light but buildable coverage although it’s definitely more visible on the skin than some other ‘light’ base products such as my Rimmel match perfection. If you don’t mind being able to see it on the skin this might be great for you!

→If you have dry patches, make sure you moisturise before using this. Foundation tends to sit around my nose and on my cheeks and this one did when I used it without a primer.

→The colour range isn’t fantastic. I struggled to find my shade in this and ended up just getting the lightest shade [not to self: don’t do that].

→The lasting power is great; it fades in the best way possible and doesn’t go patchy throughout the day. This also looks great when used with a powder.

→This doesn’t come with a pump! Well at least mine didn’t- I’ve heard that Revlon have started putting pumps on some of their foundations so i’d be interested to know if his one now comes with a pump too!

So those were my thoughts on the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I think if I had the right shade this could well be a hit for me! What do you think?

Happy Easter my  lovely readers 🙂


29 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Foundation: Hit or Miss

  1. Adryana says:

    It is my favourite foundation ever! Although the shade range may be small, it has perfect (and I mean perfect) shade for me. It blends out so well and it doesn’t give me any dry patches either. Did you see that they have two types of the foundations- one is for normal/oily skin and the other is for normal/dry skin. I read also that new Colorstay foundations come with a pump, but those who have used them, are saying that they changed the formula too. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the new formula. I hope to try it out soon 😊


    • sunshineandteacups says:

      Glad to hear you like it! I have the formula for normal to dry skin and it still hangs around my nose and cheeks which is slightly annoying but I can get away with wearing this when I use a primer. About the pumps, when I see this foundation with a pump I will definitely get another bottle to see if the formula has changed! x

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  2. kathylcsw says:

    This is one of my favorite foundations ever! I have used the liquid and am currently using the whipped version. I do not have dry skin so I don’t have to worry about that. I typically have problems finding a shade that is light enough but the shade Buff is almost perfect.

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  3. mommyrouge says:

    I’ve used this before and really liked it! I love trying new drugstore foundations, but I hate the setup in the store. I always struggle with what shade to get.
    I saw that they put a pump on this one now, which I would love! I’m testing out an Elf foundation right now, and then I may go back to this one 😉 Thanks for the review!

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  4. BeautyliciousStyle says:

    There are two formulas of this foundation. One is for oily skin, the other for dry skin. Normal skin is on one of these, I think the dry but don’t quote me om that one. It’s important to purchase the correct formula for your skin type with this foundation. If you have the one for dry skin and it still clings to dry patches, try using a couple drops of a facial oil first. This is a great trick for dry ladies. Your foundation will blend out and sit so much better on the skin. I really love this foundation for fuller coverage. A great drugstore choice! Nice review’ 😀💙🌸💙🌸

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  5. Sandi St Germain-Barker says:

    As far as color matching, you shouldn’t let it be an issue with drugstore make-up. Check with where you are buying it, but most drugstores will gladly refund or exchange opened make-up that does not work for you whether it be color mismatch or problems with formula or you can always donate to great women’s organizations designed to help women in peril get on their feet finding a job and what-not. After sterilizing, obviously.

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