My essential makeup brushes

Hello everybody, this week we’re talking makeup brushes. My essential makeup brushes to be precise! I feel like everybody has their own ‘holy grail’ makeup brushes, and I thought I would share mine. This could also be a kind of ‘starter kit’ kind of post as these would be the brushes I would buy first if I had to start from scratch. Just a heads up that pretty much all of my makeup tools are by Real Techniques as I love their brushes and they’re the brand I can get hold of really easily from my local Boots or Superdrug!

makeup brushes»Real Techniques tapered blush 300

I use this rose gold tapered brush from RT to apply my foundation at the moment because it allows me to get a great coverage without being cakey. This is also great for blusher and highlighter as the tapered shape means it applies the product with the longest bristles and then blends with the shorter ones.

»Real Techniques stippling brush

This is a must have if you use creamier makeup formulas. This is also great for applying a light layer of foundation, so in the summer this is my go-to brush.  It also creates an airbrush effect with the different length bristles so if you struggle with your makeup not sitting well on the skin you might want to give this a go!

»Real Techniques blush brush

Any makeup lover needs this brush in their life. I use this every single day and love it. This is designed to fit the apples of your cheeks for the easiest application. This is one of the first proper brushes I ever bought and I still love it so much. Plus all the RT brushes are synthetic so they are so versatile and if i’m ever travelling I use this for powder as well as other cheek products.

»Luxie large angled brush 504

This is a new addition to my ‘essentials’ as I received this in my latest glossybox  but I was so in need of an angled cheek brush to start doing some kickass contouring*

*by that I mean attempting to make my face look slightly less like a potato, and it’s safe to say I won’t be making any contouring posts in the near future. Haha!

»Real Techniques oval shadow brush 200

For eyeshadow this is my ultimate friend. It applies, blends and sculpts and makes it easy to create pretty eye looks that require no fuss at all. You can also use this to put eyeshadow under the eye and also in the crease so it basically does everything and it’s amazing.

»Cruelty free bamboo setting brush 

Okay so strictly speaking this is an eyeshadow brush but I use it to apply powder under my eyes to set any concealer. I got this in a set from eBay which was super cheap and i’d recommend it if you’re looking for some affordable brushes that are great for travelling. Personally I love using a precise brush to set my concealer and kind of cringe when I see beauty gurus using mahoosive powder brushes under their eyes. I’d love to know how you set your concealer as I feel like everyone does it differently!

So those were my ‘essential’ makeup brush picks! I’d love to know what brushes you’re using at the moment…

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