What’s in my Z Palette?

Hello everybody, this week I made a very exciting (for me) purchase. I bought my first Z palette! If you haven’t heard of these before, they’re basically empty palettes that have a magnetic base, so you can depot eyeshadows, blushers or whatever you like into there. I have wanted one of these for so long, as they’re so handy and come in so many different sizes depending on what you want to put in there. I ordered mine from beautybay and I got the large size. The reason I got one was because of this Benefit Box O’ Blushers tin I have which I never use because it’s so impractical. So I made the decision to get a Z palette to calm my blusher worries..


I have no idea what you’re talking about, I totally didn’t forget to photograph this before I started hacking at it and removing the products! The blushers were easy enough to remove from their packaging, and as they had a metallic base, they stuck to the Z pallete just as i’d hoped.

As well as these Benefit blushers, I also had a handful of MAC eyeshadows which I wanted to depot and put into my Z palette to make everything a bit more organised. It did take a bit of researching to work out how to depot a MAC eyeshadow, but after reading some helpful blog posts I managed to do it. mac collage You pop out the inner casing which holds the eyeshadow pan, and then you melt the glue slightly on the bottom so the plastic case comes off easily. The mac eyeshadows don’t have a metallic base so I used one of the metallic disks that come with the Z palette.

I was successful in getting my eyeshadows out of their cases, BUT I did have one disaster at the beginning, when my mum decided to try and ‘help’. Thanks mum. *cries*…

broken mac eyeshadow

So here it is! My Z palette. Although it’s not completely filled up yet i’m so happy with it and can see myself being totally obsessed with these and buying  every single Z palette in all the sizes…


Have you ever tried a Z pallete and what do you think?

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8 thoughts on “What’s in my Z Palette?

      • caraphernelia says:

        I’ve looked for the sticky metal backs! I can NEVER seem to find them in stock! 😦
        I got these little reusable glue dots. I am gonna try them. Hoping it works.
        How do you depot your products??

        Liked by 1 person

      • sunshineandteacups says:

        The benefit blushes were just stuck to some foam so I could just pull them off that but for the Mac eye shadows I did some research and looked at blog posts! I popped the outer case out and then melted the glue by using a tray I heated in the oven. It’s not the easiest! And you can buy the metal backs from beautybay! Xx


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