Battle of the Mascaras

Hi guys, it was six whole months ago that I did my first ever post on here which was a review of the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit. Today I wanted to give you an update on that and also talk about some other mascaras that i’m loving!

So first, an update on Benefit’s roller lash. I first bought it just before my holiday to Greece last summer. I wore it all the way through that holiday; it stayed pretty perfect even with dips in the pool and a large amount of sweating. I still love it and would highly recommend still. I think it’s probably even got a bit better as it’s dried out a bit! That being said… it is pricey. So I’ve done some researching and found some amazing drugstore mascaras that I think you’ll love too.


for dramatic lashes… 

Maybelline Lash Sensational – Everyone’s saying that this is a dupe for roller lash and I agree. The brushes are very similar, although the Maybelline wand is a lot thicker and has a lot more product on it, creating a very dramatic lash (which i’m loving).

for natural and pretty lashes…

The Soap & Glory Thick & Fast – This is lovely when you’re doing a more low key makeup look and don’t want overly dramatic or clumpy lashes. I would call this my ‘everyday’ mascara.

for when you want waterproof… 

Maybelline The Falsies waterproof – This is my go-to waterproof mascara and never fails me! It’s definitely ‘cheap and cheerful’ but sometimes that’s all you want in a mascara! The only thing I would say about this mascara is make sure you set your under eye concealer when using this as it can sometimes transfer if you don’t!


So those are my favourite mascaras at the moment! What are you using?

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25 thoughts on “Battle of the Mascaras

  1. kyuukayayoi says:

    I am currently using an Avon one (from a line in the Philippines called Simply Pretty_ Which surprisingly works well though it flakes a little bit after quite some time, I can compare it to my favorite which is the San san (another Filipino brand) Thick lash Mascara… only the San san one is slightly cheaper and better since it doesn’t flake.

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  2. bellabeautybyjess says:

    I use the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast and I adore it! One of those Mascaras for me that I didn’t really expect much from as I got it free in a Soap & Glory giftset at Christmas time, but I haven’t used anything else! It’s also pretty amazing under false lashes too! Makes your lashes blend super easy!

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  3. therebelplanner says:

    I agree with the Maybelline Lash Sensational. After using the Rollerlash, I’ve concluded that they’re the same… although I like the Benefit one better! The formula isn’t as wet and I find my lashes stay curled a little longer.

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