Tanya Burr’s Perfect Brows Kit

Hey guys, I made a cheeky little purchase recently and bought the Tanya Burr cosmetics perfect brows kit! I really wanted to try it as I had heard so many good things about it from fellow bloggers.


I’ve got to admit the packaging isn’t my favourite; it feels quite flimsy and I think plastic would make it more sturdy especially if you travel a lot and it got bashed around! Its very pretty though and would look great on any dressing table.


The kit comes with powders in varying colours depending if you have more blonde eyebrows or quite dark brows. I will say i’m brunette and I use the colour hot cocoa which is just about dark enough for me, but if you have very dark hair this might be a tad too light for you!

The kit also comes with a brow-bone highlight which is very pretty and has a slight shimmer which isn’t too overly sparkly as I’m not a massive fan of those personally. I also like that it comes with a teeny brush to apply it with if you don’t have an angled brush or if you’re travelling. It also comes with some tweezers which are always handy as I always seem to loose my tweezers. Plus these ones are pink so you can’t really go wrong (well technically you can…)

I really like the consistency of the powders; they feel very luxurious and buttery which also makes them great for using as eyeshadows. So that means you get more for money which is great!

eyebrow swatches

Overall I do really like this and I would recommend this to people, it’s also quite affordable so that’s a bonus!

Have you tried any of the Tanya Burr cosmetics range?

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26 thoughts on “Tanya Burr’s Perfect Brows Kit

  1. smilesophiee says:

    Totally agree with you on the packaging front, I travel A LOT and all the corners have bent up and worn, and I’m superrrr careful with make-up. Love the product, the packaging just lets it down 😁 xx

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  2. Caroline Malone says:

    I’ve been so intrigued with Youtuber products, just to see if they lived up to the hype. I have to agree with you, I looked at this product in Superdrug and thought the packaging was a bit eh! I do think it would be great if they were also separated, so you could buy a light palette or dark palette as I think poor hot cocoa would never be used on me! Lovely post and love your blog! xx


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