Real Techniques – Bold Metals Brushes


Hello everyone, for today’s post I thought I would show you the beautiful new range from Real Techniques called their ‘Bold Metals’ collection. I asked for these for Christmas after wanting them ever since I knew about them! The idea of the Bold Metals collection is that it’s a more high quality range that is tailored to make the makeup application as easy as possible. There are many benefits to the new range, including tapered tips and handles. The brushes are also white, which means you can see exactly how much makeup is on your brush before applying.  Also, the bristles on these brushes are unbelievably soft. I’ve honestly never felt such soft brushes in my life! They’re the sort of brushes you just want to stroke your face with (and other peoples..) I’ve found myself going ‘FEEL HOW SOFT THESE ARE’ to people who aren’t remotely interested!



For Christmas I received the ‘essentials’ collection and also a separate 201 pointed crease as this was one I think will be particularly useful. The essentials collection includes the 103 angled powder, 300 tapered blush and the 200 oval shadow. It also comes with a little clutch which would be useful for loads of things, but is just great for storing makeup brushes when you’re travelling as it keeps them protected.


Overall, I think these brushes are well worth the money. Sam and Nic, the ladies behind Real Techniques, do amazing tutorials on YouTube and are both professional makeup artists so I 100% trust these brushes and the brand in general! So if you’re looking for some new brushes definitely check these out, they won’t disappoint.

See you next week!

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25 thoughts on “Real Techniques – Bold Metals Brushes

    • sunshineandteacups says:

      Yes! So worth it. I would suggest getting a couple to start with or maybe the essentials and see if you like them but I’m sure you will! I got a couple of eyeshadow brushes from the range first to see if the quality was good as they are the cheapest ones 🙂


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