Rosy Cheeks

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Hi guys, I hope you’re all enjoying your December so far! Today I wanted to share my blush collection with you! I thought that it was most appropriate to do this post now as I know I wear blusher a lot more in the colder months. In summer I tend to be very pink anyway so I avoid adding any extra colour to my cheeks, but in winter I think a pinky flush is very pretty. Here are the blushers I currently own!



B. Glowing shimmer block in 196 – I have featured this in a blog post before called That’s a dupe!. This is a peachy pink with shimmer in that lasts all day. This is the every day blush you’ve been looking for!

Sleek Blush By 3 in Californ.i.a 370 – These are cream blushers that have an intense pigment: perfect for that flawless finish to your makeup look, and there’s a shade for every occasion as well! My favourite one in the palette is the one called Newport Peach.

Benefit Majorette – This is a cream to powder formula that can go on top or under foundation. Benefit call it their ‘blush booster’ (you layer it under other blushers) but I think this is more than enough colour on it’s own!

MUA Blush Perfection in Scrummy – This is another cream blush which is very affordable if you’re on a budget. I really like this and I think this is very similar to the Newport Peach colour from the Sleek palette I showed previously! These are slightly less easier to blend but still great value for money.

E.l.f blush in Fuchsia Fusion – An amazingly glittery blush that’s great for parties when you want to add an extra sparkle to your makeup look. These are unbelievably pigmented so apply  a small amount and build the colour up to avoid a blush overdose!


Topshop blush in Flush – This cream blush is  a beautiful bright shade that will add a pop of colour to your everyday look really effortlessly. These are also super travel friendly as they have very compact packaging which even comes with a mirror.

Bourjois little round pot blush in 74 Rose Amber – I featured this in my post called Makeup Starter Kit. This is the perfect blush for someone starting out with makeup as the pigment isn’t really strong so it’s hard to go wrong with. This also comes with a tiny brush to apply it with which is handy.

MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose – This was also featured in my post about dupes (That’s a dupe!). As well as being affordable, this blush is more on the peachy side which creates a more natural flush on the cheeks.

Kiko Top Pairs blush in 03 – This has two shades in it; one barbie pink which is matte and one which is more brown / taupe which could be used for contouring, but it does have a slight shimmer to it. These blend really well.

Well that’s it! A run down of all my blushers is done. I’m starting to think I might have a slight blusher addiction? No!…

What’s your go to blush this winter?

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17 thoughts on “Rosy Cheeks

  1. aarns says:

    I used to be so scared to wear blush, but now I am a huge fan. I love the Urban Decay Blush Palate, but that one was a bit pricy for me to purchase when I was just warming up to using blush so I got the E.L.F. palate and I love it.

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