Morning Skincare

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Hello everybody, for this post I thought I would do something a little different and show you what skincare products I use. I’m going to show you my morning skincare in this one, but let me know if you want an evening skincare post as well!

I don’t have an extensive range of skincare products, but I like to make sure I look after my skin well as I think it makes a huge difference in many ways. When I’ve been good and done my skincare properly I feel like it makes any makeup I put on top look so much better, especially with base products like my foundation and concealer.


The first product I tend to use in the morning when I want to refesh my skin and wake up a little bit is the REN flash rinse 1 minute facial. This is the perfect thing to use when your skin feels dull as it invigorates and hydrates; the perfect way to start the day!

After I’ve washed my face , I dot a little bit of eye gel around my eyes. At the moment I’m using the Β Boots cucumber eye gel and this is really nice. It’s very hydrating but sinks in quickly so it’s great for putting on before makeup.

To make sure I’m fully awake, I like to make myself jump by spraying the Vitamin E refreshing toning mist liberally all over my face. I like this for adding an extra shot of moisture back into my skin in the mornings.

Then I like to moisturise my face. I have such dry skin in winter and this Vitamin E moisturising day cream helps to soothe my skin. You can pick this up from Superdrug and I highly recommend this! It’s also really affordable which is great.

Lastly we can’t forget the lips! I’m still loving this NUXEΒ reve de miel lip balm since I featured it in my blog post lip balm low down.

That’s all! I know it’s not loads and I probably should use a serum and blah blah blah but these products are working for me at the moment! I’d love to know what products you’re using to keep your skin happy this winter!

I hope you’re all having a great run up to christmas! I can’t wait!

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25 thoughts on “Morning Skincare

  1. experimentsinstyle1 says:

    So glad you have found a routine that works well for you! I think simple is best too. Because if you start using loads of products and continually changing your routine, if your skin has a breakout/ reaction or flares up it is then really hard to work out what caused it. In addition, if a routine is overly complicated or you find it a chore to do, then it won’t become a habit, and you may well end up avoiding doing even basic cleansing/moisturising in order to avoid the whole routine! I personally have had good results with hot cloth oil cleansing and double cleansing. But it’s all about finding what works well for your own skin and lifestyle.

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