Long-Lasting Lips

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Hello everybody! As it’s now December, we all find there’s more parties and excuses to dress up and celebrate in the run up to Christmas. I was thinking of what blog posts to do and I thought it might be helpful to show you my favourite long-lasting lip products for the Christmas season. After all, it’s really not great when you get lipstick marks on every single glass you drink out of! I’ve been there plenty of times!


I have this Topshop matte lip bullet in the shade get me bodied. These have a great formulation that glides on easily but then doesn’t seem to budge. I was very impressed with this when I bought it and it’s such a typical wintery shade. Topshop makeup is very affordable, and is comparable to the prices at the drugstore so this is definitely a great option if you want something bold on your lips but don’t want to worry about re-applying constantly!

On along the same lines as the previous lip bullet, I love this Revlon matte balm in striking spectaculaire for the Christmas season. This is another lip crayon type product and this is honestly my favourite red ever. It’s definitely on the orange side which is quite different for me as I normally wear cherry reds. The formulation of these are incredible, they slide onto your lips so easily and are literally weightless on the lips. I always forget I have bright red lips on when i’m wearing this until I catch myself in the mirror! Does anyone else do this??


Moving more towards liquid lipsticks, I really love the Rimmel apocalips lip lacquers. I have two shades,  celestial and eclipse and use them both regularly. These are really long lasting as they leave a stain once the actual product has worn off, so they are great, low maintenance lip options. I actually wear the pinky nude colour quite a lot as it goes with most eye looks.

Lastly I wanted to mention the ultimate in long lasting lips. The Rimmel provocalips range has divided many people in their love or hate for these. As a person who finds all lip products fade away very quickly, I liked the concept of these ultra long lasting liquid lipsticks. They are double ended, so you apply the colour first and then a clear waxy top coat to lock in the colour. These do last a really long time, so long in fact that they don’t want to come off at the end of the day! I don’t really mind this but I know not everyone will like these. But if you are looking for something that will last all day and give you ultra vibrant colour payoff, these might be for you. I have 3 of these and I really like the shades I have.

lip swatches

All my swatches are above so you can see the colour payoff and how they actually look out of the tube. I hope you found this helpful, and maybe helps you avoid any awkward lipstick incidents this party season!

See you next time!

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26 thoughts on “Long-Lasting Lips

  1. Cutekitt3n says:

    Reblogged this on Pounce To Life =^.^= and commented:
    I LOVE this post so much. I’ve grown a true appreciation for lipstick colors that LAST all day. Heres a great post to help anyone looking for suggestions to try. I personally have been loving colourpop’s Ultra matte lip creme’s and covergirls lip perfection lipsticks However I can’t wait to go out and get my hands-on some of these suggestion.

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  2. naureen05 says:

    I absolutely love the Rimmel Provocalips range! The only problem is that the staying power is so awesome that it’s a bit of a job to remove it at the end of the day haha. But I was wondering what’s the difference between the Provocalips & Apocalips range – because they seem to be pretty much the same thing? x

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