Shop My Stash!

Hey guys, today I am going majorly old school. I’m going to shop my stash! This is basically when you pick out products that you’ve neglected or forgotten about and try and use them more! I’m definitely guilty of not using certain things; I have my daily routine and rarely change it. So I thought it would be nice to delve back into my makeup drawers and give some love to some old products…here we go!

014 Here are the products I want to try and use more!

So the first thing that I remembered had was this Bourjois gold bronzing powder. I went through a stage where I used this every day, but I stopped using it after a while. I just think it doesn’t really show up that much on the skin: maybe I am using it wrong! On the rare occasion I do use this I normally just sweep it over my cheeks. Do any of you have this and if you do how do you use it? I would really like to know so I can fall in love with this product again.

I have another powder type product I have neglected, which is the Soap & Glory luminising radiance face powder. This I bought and have never really liked! I haven’t ever heard much about this and I can see why: it only adds a very feint glow. But it is pretty and I do want to make the most of it! I also might try using this as an eyeshadow for natural makeup days.

photo 1

Next I actually have another Soap & Glory product which is their kick ass concealer. I was so excited about this as I had heard so many good things about it. I honestly have no idea why I don’t use it as I remember thinking it was really good! I will definitely give this another go when my current concealer runs out.

Lastly is these Topshop lipsticks. I have two shades, and I remember ordering these from feelunique and thinking the colours in the bullet looked completely different to the colours on the website! I’m not sure if these colours suit me but I love the cool toned pink shade so I must remember to use these!


So that’s it! I’ve shopped my stash, why don’t you shop yours and see what you find! See you next week!

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27 thoughts on “Shop My Stash!

  1. sarahkayfretwell says:

    The Boujois bronzer is made for layering. If you layer it until you get your achieved depth and colour it will get there. I’ve found it’s also good for contouring as it blends well x

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