Makeup worth the splurge

Hello guys, I’ve recently been using a few of my favourite ‘high end’ products again. I know everybody has different views about what’s high end, but for me it’s just products that are luxury items that you invest in. Here I have a collection of my favourites to show you!

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First up is the bareMinerals original foundation. This has SPF15 in it which is vital to have in any base product you wear, any time of the year. I love this foundation as it is undetectable on your skin but gives you that flawless look you want. This allows your skin to breath and is great for when you need quick makeup or just want very natural makeup! I personally think this is high end as it retails for £26. Although expensive, your skin will thank you for it!


Next is the Clinique bottom lash mascara. This is a life saver! It seems that no matter what I do I always seem to get black smudged all under my eyes and I hate it! This is the only product I have tried which stops this from happening, and I am prepared to pay more for something that stops me looking absolutely crazy! It has the tiniest brush on which makes applying the product really easy, and you can control how much you put on as well. This is £13-50 but as I said, I think it’s worth it.

For lips I have chosen the Urban Decay naked lip glosses. These make your lips look perfect, and really plumped. I love using this in the winter when my lips are really dry, as it doesn’t cling to any dry patches on my lips. I especially love the shade Liar which is a beautiful peachy pink. The only fault I can find in these is the smell. I really don’t like strong smelling beauty products, and these do have quite a peculiar smell to them. I did a little bit of research and some people said they smelt minty and someone said they thought it was rose-hips. Honestly I have no idea! These retail at £14-50 which is quite a lot for a lip gloss but you can feel the quality when you wear them.


Last up I want to give a shout out to Benefit box powders in general. I have a Christmas set called ‘Cheeky Sweet Spot’ which has 5 blushers, Hoola bronzer and Watt’s Up highlighter in. I love this. Seriously obsessed. My favourite blusher from Benefit is definitely Rockateur but I use Hoola quite often also. These are such good quality and definitely some of Benefit’s best products! This set was £29-50 which is such a good price for all of the powders, and comes in such cute packaging. You can also buy individual blushers in boxes for £23-50.

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Well that’s it! Some of my fave high end products. If you have any of these or any other recommendations please let me know! Until next time…

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